1st miscarriage after 2 healthy pregnancies! How soon have others gotten pregnant again after 1st miscarriage? Pls help

Anabel • 2 healthy pregnancies, youngest child is 7. Had mirena for 5yrs. Been TTC for over 1.5 yrs got pregnant in Sept found out on 10.22.15 had 1st miscarriage bc his lil heart stopped.I was almost 10 wks
I am 28 I had mirena in after my 2nd child. Had in for 5 years n for last yr an half we tried with no luck n in Sept found out I was pregnant was do excited n happy. N then at 9 weeks we were told our baby stopped growing a little after 8 weeks, that heart just stopped. Which I don't understand how could just stop he looked so complete n perfect. I had miscarriage on 10.22.15 and I opened sac and seen his Lil precious body so formed. God had this Lil human growing inside crazy. We buried him, and I'm so upset that we tried so long took care of self as soon as I found out, and I wanted him for so long.... I am so ready to try this again we've been working g on it, but how soon should I try? How soon have others gotten. Pregnant? Is it true u are more fertile after miscarriage n get pregnant quicker?? Please let me know what u have experienced if similar in anyway to my story. Thank u I'm so broken hearted from this. Thanks for your help