Advice please.


Hey ladies, so I totally hate those people that ask others for advice when they should figure this stuff out on their own but I'm gonna be that person...

I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year. I'm completely happy with him but today I was looking through his phone, yes I know it wasn't right. And he had 2 conversations with 2 different females asking to hang out. The thing that bothered me was these conversations were happening at like 1am. 1 of the girls I know, I've met and she even said we can hang out as friends.

The other woman I've never met, never even heard him mention her name. The conversation started really goofy, almost like they had earlier conversations and he erased them. But so he was asking to go get coffee and she said they could get coffee or go for a walk... never once did he mention his girlfriend like he did with the other girl, like I said I met her. When he gets home from work I'm going to check his phone to see if he erased the conversation from earlier... I guess my question for you ladies is, what do I do?

Do I confront him? Wait to see what happens in the future? Keep checking his phone to see if he's still talking to other women?

Nothing was inappropriate so it could very well be an old friend... but why wouldn't he mention her?

Help me please...