Boyfriend & Miscarriage


Hello Ladies I just had a miscarriage a week ago I was 5 weeks and 3 days preggo. My boyfriend was very happy about the pregnancy and very involved however when I called him to tell him I was miscarrying he became completly neglectful he didn't come home until late at night which he never does, didn't console me, barely spoke to me and I was in so much pain, mentally and physically. We even got into a physical altercation which has happened a few times. He bought him clothes and went out to clubs while I sat home in pain he didn't even wanna get me pads at the store. I moved out and now he wants to work on things however he made this miscarriage all about him Im guessing he is a narcissist. I have spent the night at his house and being around him don't feel the same, I'm angry. Is this worth saving?

I've had a miscarriage before and my past partner didn't even want to come in the house he didn't want me to have the baby at all.