38 + 6 finally lost some mucus plug, cramps, now sweep

I'm almost 39 weeks and was worried I haven't had any signs of labor. Finally this morning I couldn't sleep because my stomach was hurting. Went to pee and noticed a little mucus plug and tiny bits of blood. I started timing my cramps that felt like period was starting. They coincided with Braxton hicks. They're coming between 5-8 minutes and last an average of 24-35 seconds. 
Luckily I had a dr's appointment today and he offered to do a membrane sweep. Wow, I have never felt so much pain and it scared me for labor. There was a lot of pressure, pain, and felt like he went 2 feet deep with a pole. Blood came out on his glove and he said I was 2cm dilated and he felt the head. 
I asked if the baby could be here in a few days and he said tonight... Anyone been in this situation and have results that fast or am I in for the long haul?
Still cramping and timing the contractions. They aren't getting any longer. 
It's a boy.