Confused?!?! Pregnant or not

I took a HPT on 10/15 and I had a faint line, called my OB/GYN and blood work was ordered on that day my HCG was 40! Went within the 72 hour wait window did 2nd lab test my Dr never receive results due to wrong blood work ordered. My Dr. Put me on proestrogen suppositories because of previous miscarriage. I went to my local ER due to some brown discharge on 10/24 they estimated I was about 6 weeks pregnant did urine, and blood sample. They also did a ultrasound  along with a transvaginal they told me in the ER that my HCg was only 90 and they see nothing on the ultrasound that they find I misscarried. In my maternal instincts I felt as if that it was not true due to it was still going up but slowly! So my OB/GYN was contacted and he ordered more blood work to be sure that the numbers were going down as of November 1st my HCGis at 275!
OB/GYN is still ordering labs but I have not seen him nor have I had prenatal care! I am 36 high risk due to endocrine health issues... Has anybody ever been through or know of someone that has? Please advise a 1st time worried possibly mom to be😔