Need to vent.. 😔😡

Alexis • Ava Elizabeth due Dec. 31, 2015 ❤️❤️ came on January 5, 2016 💜💜
So I am due 12/31 and hoping baby girl comes early so I can get started to be a mom. I'm way over excited and so happy. But my aunt( who likes to put her two sense into everything and think she knows it all) and her kids decided ( who are extremely bad) to come down in December and her excuse was " to see your baby" my cousin and his 10 friends wanna do the same and their excuse is " ( I have no idea who his so called friends are plus they are in college and this isn't a frat house!) we want to see your baby" I thought people would understand that I need time to recover physically and emotionally, along with mentally? I am having a winter baby, I am fighting the season not to get sick or even baby girl get sick. My aunt is only doing this because there is a new baby. I find it unfair, because I know the first couple of weeks are very crucial, for parents and baby. And I feel hurt and disrespected by what these two are doing. I really want to tell them I don't think it's appropriate that they come down right now, due to me being a first time mom and learning how to cope with a new baby.  But at the same time I don't want to hurt my grandpas feelings becuase his daughter likes to throw crap into his face, and I know she will throw this in his face.  So I need some advice... Has anyone else been through something like this and how did you cope? Sorry for this being so long..