Period and pregnancy test question


So I am currently 11 days late on my period.

I have never been late. I have been fortunate and have had amazing experiences with my periods.... Well I mean the best you can have for being on your period.

I have always been able to tell the moment I get my period. Go to the bathroom, check and put in a tampon. My periods also stop when I sleep. I don't even have to wear anything at night. They also only last 3-4 days Max.

I have gone through my logs and calculated my last 7 months of my cycles.

Every cycle for the last 7 months are always around 26-28 days in length.

Today I am at 38 days.

I was supposed to get my period on October 25th.

Never experienced cramping and no spotting at all.

My husband and I have been TTC for 6 months.

I have taken 2 pregnancy tests. One test 2 days after my period was late and at 7 days late. I will take another at 14 days late but so far the two have been negative.

Could I be almost 2 weeks late on my period, be pregnant but have negative pregnancy tests?

Thank you!