How important is professional photography to you?

As a professional photographer I am curious! 
I know as an expectant mom I am looking at quite a few photo sessions in my near future as baby number two will be here soon. 
IMO: For my family it is a priority. I value photography on a level most probably do not understand, because of my professional career. Also because my body will change, then my baby, then my family. I will never have these moments back. I can look back in my mind, but I can't show my grand children how much they look like their mother that way. When everything else is gone, photos are all we have left. 
Also if you have digital files saved (cell phone pictures, disks, excetra. Be sure to print! Back up online! With digital storage it is not "if" it will malfunction. It is when. 
If you care to comment I would love some information from you! On your priority stance, the value of photography (money wise), if you plan on having a maternity, birth, fresh 48, newborn, or any infant growth packages. 
What do you look for in your photographer? What do you like to see in your photography packages? Do you enjoy a full service experience- ordering sessions for professional products? Or do you like digital files more? 
Anything else you would like to add I would love to hear as well! 

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