Anatomy ultrasound.

Ryan • I`m 25. Single mom of two toddlers born 13 months apart and they are my absolute world! Jaxon Abel and Calliope Elizabeth. And of course, my angel baby Violet💕 also obsessed with make up! So if you ever need tips and tricks and advice hmu!!!
So I already had a gendering ultrasound at a private ultrasound clinic. So I knew I was having a boy. But finally having the actual anatomy scan terrified me. Because it tells you if something's wrong with baby's heart or brain or kidneys etc or if there are defects. Well I am pleased to say that Jaxon is completely healthy and I'm having a textbook "boring" pregnancy (as my doctor put it lol) it was nice reassurance being in a week we are going on vacation. I feel at peace for the first time this pregnancy!