My little tinker- help!

My Little girl is 6 months old. She's amazing, I love her to bits and she's always in such a good mood during the day. But at nighttimes I barely sleep and I'm starting to lose the will to live. I've been trying to put her to bed at 8ish but she usually kind of snoozes and stirs quite a bit until I give her another feed at 9.30. From then she will sleep until 12.30/1 which is great. But after that urgh, she'll go back down until 2 but then she's up every hour. I don't know what to do. I'm so so tired. She can't simply be ssshh'd in her crib she has to be cuddled and often needs to suck on the boob for a minute or two. She's never up long but it's every hour and takes me ages to fall back to sleep. Can anyone help?? I'm desperate for some better sleep. I've tried putting a tshirt of mine in with her, I've tried blankets and sleeping bags, tried her in her own room but she was the same so it's easier having her in my room. Any advice much appreciated