Baby Isabella born 2 days past her due date

Born 11/3/15 at 10:41 am. 7lb 12 oz 20in. 
Started to have contractions Sunday night and made it through most of Monday. I even made it to my doctor's appointment that day. Doctor told me I was only 2 cm dilated! Ugh really? She didn't think I would make it through the night though and if I got to the point that the pain was unbearable or contractions were 5 minutes apart then to go to the hospital. Timed the contractions the rest of the night until about 9pm when they were 5 minutes apart. My husband and I drove to the hospital, went to l&d only to find out I was barely 3 cm!! I was in so much pain. So they had me walk around for about an hour. My contractions were getting even closer together and the pain was getting worse. After an hour they checked me and I was almost at a 4. I was in excruciating  pain!! My contractions were coming back to back sometimes without a real break in between and the others were coming about 2minutes apart. I was trying so hard to go natural but I wasn't progressing but my contractions were. I decided to get an epidural which occurred at about 1:30am. I freaked out a bit and had an anxiety attack. My blood pressure dropped quite a bit and they had to give me something to bring it back up. I finally found relief and was able to rest just a bit. I was checked by the nurse somewhere in the middle of the night and was only a little over 4cm more dilated so they gave me the lowest dosage of pitocin. Nurse checked me again and I was st 5cm. About an hour later I was dilated from 5cm to 9cm!! I then quickly dilated to 10 cm and was ready to push. Before I knew it, I was pushing, doctor was called and 1.5 hours later baby Isabella was born. I could not be more in love with this little angel. I commend women who do this naturally. I certainly had every intention to but without progression it was so hard to keep going. I listened to my body and did what I felt was right. And now we are blessed with this beautiful baby girl.