Husband is bringing me down. Long

Im sure ive vented about this befor but i have to get it out of my system.
My husband hates our job. Yes we work together DONT EVER WORK WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER!!!!
He gets pissy at work and then brings it home with him. And hes not happy unless im unhappy to. 
If our boss you know, does her job and asks him to do something like clean something he goes off the deep end. And then if i clean he yells at me and tells me not to do anything she says. Um shes my boss. nd then he says im taking sides... No im trying to keep my job. 
He goes on these tangents every few months where he just hates the world and everyone in it and hes is currently in that tangent. And he wont go get a new job! Ive been begging him for years to go elsewhere. He has to work but it doesnt have to be here. 
Hes makes me so miserable because like i said he brings his work anger home with him and takes it out on me. When i go home i dont want to talk about this place. I want to be home with my dogs and my husband and chill. He said maybe 7 words to me last night and every time i said something to him he would just ignore me or id get a grunt. 
He needs to seek counseling and ive been telling him for years but he wont do it. He NEEDS it. I cant live like this. Its absolutly miserable. Hes an asshole to me at work hes an asshole when we get home. 
And what he really doesnt get is that this is probably causing harm to our unborn child bc of all the stress he puts on me. What happens if i lose this kid? Than hes really gna hate the world. I just cant handle him when hes like this and nothin makes him happy. He talks about killing himself sometimes to which i dont think he would but thats horrible to hear. I dont  want to hear him say that kind of stuff and it hits kind of hard bc there have been 2 suicides in my family and he doesnt even care that its kind of personal. 
He has no hobbies but beer making which isnt really something you can just do. Its a process. He likes to fish but not where we live because the fish arent big enough for him and he likes to workout but you cant work out 24/7. Even sex doesnt make him happy and when hes being a deusch i dont want to have sex with him anyways.
What do you do for someone like this?