Almost 6 weeks and woke up bleeding

Caitlin • I`m a married 26 y/o 8th grade history teacher. My husband and I welcomed our rainbow baby into the world 1/12/17!
According to Glow I'm about 5 weeks and 5 days and this morning I woke up with some light cramping and when I went to the bathroom there was some bright red blood. I did some reading and saw that bleeding is often normal but I'm still worried.
I have been waiting for my doctor to send me to the OB for an appointment since Wednesday so that is very frustrating. I had a HCG blood draw Wednesday that came back with a level of 30 which told me I'm earlier than we thought but my doctor's said it meant that I was definitely pregnant. 
I called the office I am being referred to so that I can talk with the doctor on call and I am waiting to hear back as to what I should be doing. 
I know I should try to relax but I'm just filled with anxiety.  Especially since we just told parents and siblings yesterday and Tuesday.