A few days late, 7 bfps and af came last night?

Hi, the husband and I have been ttc for the second month now we have a 3 year old daughter no complications with my pregnancy with her. Any ways so af was due Monday. I let the excitement get the best of me and took a test, bfp. Took three more. Same result. Took a test everyday, all the same bfp clear blue digi says 1-2 weeks past ovulation. I told a couple of my close coworkers who knew we were ttc. I woke up yesterday with this nagging feeling that I shouldn't have told them. Low and behold later in the day I have these light constant cramps and I began to spot pinkish. Husband wasn't alarmed, I am freaking out lol. So overnight it turned into a regular well heavier than my regular period. Was this a chemical? Miscarriage? Should I go to my dr?