Really aggravated😬😧

I'm on the verge of tears.. Every time I log onto fb someone is expecting their 2 or 3 or 4 baby... And I'm still working on our trying to get pregnant with our 2one.. How is that every one else's prayer gets answerd.. And I'm still waiting for our blessing to show positive on a pregnancy stick.. I get your pregnant.. Just stop waving it around already and let women who are trying for their 2,3,4 baby try in peace without getting upset that you either found out your pregnant or just beginning your pregnancy.. I'm not bashing any one.. I just wish for once.. I could be like those other women getting pregnant and be able to share our joy... I know it takes time.. But how much times does one healthy couple need... Its hurtful to see and even to just imagenin what it would feel like to experience that all over again.. I just wish once I could be that woman.. Shouting with joy hooray I'm pregnant, but instead its the opposite:/... I know 10 months ain't long.. But to me it feels like eternity.