Maddox will be arriving today/tomorrow!

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So I am at the hospital waiting for induction. Maddox did grow, he measured 5.4 but they said he should have grown more. Also, his belly didn't grow at all in the last 2 weeks. Their assumption is placental insufficiency since I have a history of that and since my pressure has been fluctuating. They believe he just isn't getting the calories he needs from the placenta and will do better after he's born. Praying that is true and all it is. There is less than 1 % chance it could be some sort of chromosomal issue.  Dr is reassuring that since I have that history in past with placental issues at this same point in pregnancy, that this is likely all that is going on. Of course I am scared to death of that small 1%. Please pray all is ok and will turn out ok! Scared for my little guy, and I am still a little early as I am just 37 weeks (he measures 35 since he's smaller).