Been with my boyfriend nearly 2 years, I slept with him after 4 months, I was 14, he was 16, wasn't the best decision but I don't regret it. Before I was with him my periods were regular, once I started having sex they became really irregular. We very rarely use condoms as he says they irritate him. He pulls out all the time and has never finished in me, but he wants a baby so bad? I would like one but I know right now is not the right time we both still live at home and I don't work only he does but he wastes his money and doesn't save anything he would be the one responsible for buying everything I'd feel bad I want to be able to provide but I'm only 16 and in full time education everytime I am late or miss my period by like a couple weeks he gets really excited about me being pregnant I know I'm not I can just tell and he goes and buys tests and talks about it all the time then it comes back negative he gets upset and is really sad. I just need advice on how to persuade him to wait and realise we don't need children yet?