Third time is a charm? Injectables?

Hey ladies. I've been TTC for over two years. We did 1 cycle of clomid alone the. Then one cycle of clomid and <a href="">IUI</a> and recently did clomid, ovidril shot and <a href="">IUI</a>. No such luck. Got AF today!  I asked my doc what was up. She has me in for ultrasound and bloodwork Monday - and suggested maybe another cycle of <a href="">IUI</a> or next next cycle try injectables. As they need to teach me how to use them and all. Ahhh. I'm all for whatever to get me preggo and not cost a fortune like <a href="">IVF</a>. Any luck with injectables?  And where do you have the shot done - stomach?  And do you do the injectables with the <a href="">IUI</a>?  I will ask my doc more questions - but you ladies know so much and I want to get some info from ladies that have had this done. Any help and info is appreciated. Thank you for reading my ramble 🙄