Wanna say sorry for what I'm about to say

Ok so I read a lot of posts on here and I am so sorry but some of this stuff these ladies post are bullshit. Imma say this people do your homework and some dam research before you go commenting on a person's posts and answering their question weather it's positive or negative feedback. One thing I can not stress enough is this shit about evap lines and these women giving false hope. Listen if you get a line that aquiers after the normal 10 minute mark on pink or blue dyes then guess what it's and evap and you are not pregnant either at all or at that moment, if you get a test Poitier later on within the time frame does not make that other test true, further more, evaps can and will sometimes have color stop giving women false hope about these evaps saying it a positive coz there is color. You are just setting that lady up for disappointment if she is in fact not pregnant. Second of this whole tweek ing these pix I feel is also false hope I have fallin into that crap and have a few tests tweaked and Com back talking about " I see something" and guess what everytime I ended up not pregnant, so there's major false hope in that too. 9 times outta 10, you will see something, weather it's an indent or the start of an evap, if you CAN NOT see the line without tweaking well then it's a negative and try again in a couple days, if af comes well try again for the next cycle. I am not trying to be mean or be a negative nancy, I like this app and some women gave fact insight on things whom have been through it all. I'm not trying to be mean or disrespect people but somethings need to be said. And anither thing is that why do I have to come on here and see people posting shit basically attaching other women that use this app, because you don't like qhat they comment on your post coz it's not what you wanna here. Get over and be a grown up and deal with it other wise don't post period.