God's plan

Elle • Trusting in God's timing while hoping to uplift others. Baby #1 with Jesus. He's not finished with me yet.

So...everyone I love the most...is pregnant!! My best friend from highschool, my best friend from college (after 5 years-my model because she stated that the 5 years of childlesness has made her love the Giver more then His gifts...beautiful), my best friend from church (ps she is adopting her first child next year and just found out she's pregnant with her first), my two best friends from childhood (we three grew up together- got off control the same time as one and the other got pregnant from her honeymoon night last month!)...it's sooo crazy it's hilarious. The crazy thing is I want a baby more then anything but I have this God given peace and maybe even curiosity like..."Jesus, are you setting me up with a ton of people to be pregnant with. Am I next?!!" All this time I've been waiting and waiting and friends of mine that were not even thinking about kids are pregnant...maybe it's all part of of a plan and I'm next?? Or maybe not. Seriously it could go either way. My birthday is end of November and Christmas coming I'd love for it to be before the end of the year!!!...trying to remain great full and focused on important things for NOW without children. Need encouragement but overall I know God has a plan for me and I gotta rest in his timing. It's definitely hard, but I know my God...he never fails!!!

Stay strong everyone, He has a plan.