Miscarriage pending

Alyssa • A Corrections Officer and Dispatcher, I am happily with my fiance, soon to be husband. We miscarried November 5th, 2015 with our 1st, I am pregnant...again! Hoping this one makes it. I'm very excited!
Well my cervix is closed but my pregnancy hormone level went from a 3 (yesterday) to a 2 today. Makes me sad but I'm praying that God will let my levels go up and everything with this baby is normal. I'm only maybe 4 weeks pregnant, and although my level is very low, I'm not giving up on baby... maybe he/she is just a stubborn warrior like me. Haha... but if I have a miscarriage like they think could likely happen, then I will be happy with my little one being an angel baby... in Heaven with the other ones I love.