Finally had my baby 6 days overdue

Finally had my baby 6 days overdue! Doctor and I decided to do a c-section the day before it happened, it became all too real then. I came in at 10 am to be admitted and bam, the anxiety started getting BAD. Right after I would calm down, the slightest thing set me off again. I was scared because I knew I wouldn't have control over anything. We finally got the spinal block and getting situated for surgery, and I couldn't feel my arm so I started to freak out again. My doctor told me to get ahold of myself and that I would be fine. Soon enough, at 1:17 pm, I had a 7 lb 6 oz baby, 19 inches long! Later the doctor came in my recovery room and told me we made the right call, because once he got my baby out, he knew I would've never been able to push him out. So I would've ended up with section either way, so I'm glad we decided on that. I love my little baby. Ethan Alexander, he's wonderful!