Early symptoms?? Twins?

I began having very clear symptoms (nausea, fatigue, ligament pain, bloating, frequent urination, breast tenderness, dark nipples, bright veins, etc) around 3-3.5 weeks. I didn't get a positive test until 4 weeks on the dot. I get positives throughout the day and sometimes it's stronger in the afternoon even if I just peed 15-30 min before and has been that way since my first positive! Line gets slightly darker every 6-12 hrs. I am 4wks 5 days and I have a lot of bloating/pressure like my belly is expanding, I am very nauseous at night, cravings, dreams of twins, very sore breasts, peeing all of the time, extremely fatigued. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I did not have any symptoms with my first two until well after I found out, and I found out at about 10 weeks and about 6 weeks. My 4 year old keeps telling me there's two babies in there. Does this sound pretty twinnish? There are no twins in my immediate family but a few sets on out, I took folic acid while ttc, and have a Bmi of 30, but that's about it as far as I know other than luck for chances!!  Twin mamas, were your early pregnancies different from a singleton?