No Fetal Heartbeat

Cecilia • Mommy to our rainbow princess Manuela Carolina (born Feb 2017) after a miscarriage in November 2015. Baby Boy due March 2020!
I am numb. I just got back from the ER with my husband. I was experiencing some  bleeding and since it was the first time I spotted, we decide to go to the ER to be safe. 
I was supposed to be 10w4d. I called the doctor on call on my way to the hospital. He said that since my last ultrasound was fine and we heard the heartbeat that a miscarriage was unlikely. We went to be safe and be reassured.  We got an ultrasound and my husband told me that he could see the baby and it looked bigger than we had seen it before. I was relieved that it was there and was expected to be discharged with no bad news. 
And the the doctor said he had bad news and that there was no detectable fetal heartbeat. They said that the baby measured at 7w3d which I thought was strange considering I had had my ultrasound before at 8w1d and my doctor said that it measured that size. 
I am now just waiting. Please pray for us.