Controlling parents and boyfriend need to know what you think

My parents were very strict growing up no boys as friends, not going out unless they know where at :/ no cell phone until I was 17! I paid for myself! I had a curfew even in the afternoon! After school. I asked for a job from 14 until 16 was told no I asked for drivers learning at 16 was told hell no :/ I graduated highschool at 17 I asked for a car to get on with my life! Road trips move away go to college, they gave me a laptop :/ I didn't need a laptop especially it didn't have word or a printer was difficult. So you guy's I was forced to drop out of college, I had to go to a very close community college so my mom could drive me :/ she wasn't dependable was late to classes I couldn't make it to a distant campus. I thought about busing but city was so dangerous. I just wanted to be independent. My boyfriend is very independent, had a job at 16, license just he was so free no religion no strict parents I left at 18 but he oppressed me to get control the jealousy was outrageous. I never learned how to drive. I wanted to leave so many times, I know if had a car I could escape.

So I failed at life because of my parents and boyfriend.

I dropped out of college because of transportation put my life on hold. My parents couldn't teach me my mom bought me a broke down car my dad took the keys and he's selling it says its broken but I think they wanted to control me. That was at 19 and two weeks after we bought the car so there excuse is we gave you a car what car. I begged for $500 drivers education class. I tried working was always late because of rides, was waiting outside for hours at night at college or work was told by my mom she could pick me up then told no.

I couldn't have a job, I couldn't go to college, I escaped a abusive relationship. I got severely depressed and lived alone in my bedroom for two years! They were happy! I was crying at four am why didn't they help me. I help myself duck those garbage can parents. I contact my ex boyfriend he's the only one who cares right? I want closure mostly I just didn't want to be alone. He got me pregnant. I don't know how to drive and no job I'm 23 relationship was psychological abuse. I need to get away from everyone and be independent. Love my parents but look. I'm 23 I can't do anything after 10pm lights out, tv off I can't go to the bathroom, l can't cook at night, I can't laugh invite friends over. I feel supervised my bedroom is gone through money stolen and my life feels judged so what I'm not a doctor that's what they wanted me trapped in there house right this is where they wanted me online classes stuck at home no money depending on them so they can claim me telling me to learn on my own and blaming me because I'm with my boyfriend they can't teach me bullshit I was here for two years without him where's the driving lessons when did they care. I'm tired of life I'm tired of everyone I'm tired of trusting everyone so now I'm depending on my parents for everything with the baby I was told get wic I hate them I'm smart I'm capable of working going to school please God give me a car and a license. A job and better people supporting me without controlling me!

My dad told me I was a failure because I stay in my bedroom read a book hide from people stay to myself. And I'm pregnant the dad's a asshole my dad told me to get a abortion :/ smh

How do I get control of my life. How do I get control of my life. I see successful women living in apartments and dorms going to college. How do they cope being alone? Now I have a baby to worry about now my parents are finally worried about their only daughter oh took you 4 years was that long enough now your to old to be parents want me to take care of my responsibility.

I'm saying if at 16 I had a license my life would of been better, job, college and at 24 a PhD or something going for me, I wouldn't be pregnant, but I would have friends, I would have a future.

I got this but I had to vent being overly protective isn't love, abuse isn't love.

Education is love the right Communication is love.

Being controlled yelled at isn't okay I have to change