Feeling down πŸ˜”

I've been with by SO for 6 years now. We're pregnant with our first baby. Couldn't be happier. He's so supportive and caring he's there for me with anything I need during this pregnancy and he's so excited to be a dad. He's a great family man. But lately I've been feeling bad about myself. He's not affectionate with me anymore. Sex is non existent even tho I still want it all the time it just seems like he's not into me anymore. It makes me feel sad because I'm so use to him being all over me and now he barely touches me. I don't doubt his love for me because he shows it in other ways but I just can't shake this down feeling I have. I think if it's this bad now what's it going to be like after the baby gets here ? I do have thought and a lot of dreams of him cheating on me so it's literally always on my mind . I feel like he's lost his attraction to me sexually. I feel like it'll never be the same. πŸ˜”Β