AF due the 12th!! Getting excited!

Chelle • Trying to figure it all out...
Who wants to symptom spot with me?! 😁
** I'm not afraid to get a little TMI **
So here's what I've experienced.
+Very sensitive nipples!
+Light cramping on the left side and my back.
+Lots of CM.  I'm not sure what is typical at this point in a cycle but I had lots of clear/opaque discharge that was stretchy and felt elastic and springy.
+When I urinated I almost gagged. It smelled so foul. Like a UTI but I don't have any discomfort yet.
With a previous pregnancy I came down with a UTI and and got a BFP the same day. Maybe a coincidence but it makes me wonder. 
+I've been mildly constipated. 
I havnt had a normal bowel movement in like 3 days.  Super annoying. 
Share your promising symptoms!