Hi ladies, 8w1d pregnant with 1st child at age 34.  Have first ultrasound early next week. 
Feeing worried because of my lack of vomiting.  I see so many women post that the morning sickness is a pain but worth it because if reassures them that baby is still there.  I am grateful not to be throwing up, but worried that the lack of it is some kind of red flag. I've researched and I understand that bodies are very different, but it's hard when everyone else reports the "classic" morning sickness and it's not happening to me.
Signs that could be good:  I am tired often and sleep a lot more these days.  I get a little queasy eeeeeevery so often, mostly if I let myself get hungry.  Which is easy to do because I have next to NO appetite; food pretty much sounds gross.  I also keep taking a cheapie pregnancy test once a week and the lines immediately turn dark pink.
Signs that could be concerning: no vomiting, no feeing of being super-connected to this little life, almost like it's not real yet.  I feel like a bad person for that.  I want to be so in love with my baby already, but I have this fear that it's not real.  Maybe I'm not letting myself feel connected until I hear a heartbeat and have some confirmation?  Also no weight gain, though I was somewhat bigger to start with (size 14/16).
Feeling both excited and scared for the Tuesday ultrasound.  I just want there to be a baby in there!
Can anyone else relate to these feelings, and how did things turn out for you?