Would you be mad?

I just found out my that two best friends gave the guy not only that I fucked, but lost my v card to, handjobs. I was still talking to the guy and was texting him the night it happened. Do I have the right to be mad at my friends even though I'm dating someone else? They used to give me a really really hard time about sleeping with him and now they both turned around and did this. 
Also, I've had a crush on the same guy for years and they knew this so they made up a story about him agreeing to a threesome with them to upset me. And actually tried hooking up. And make fun of my boyfriend constantly. And were my ride once and left me stranded bc they thought it was funny. They constantly get me into trouble and have become verbally abysive. They make jokes about horrible things that RUINED my life and I tell them to stop but they don't
Oh, and they ruined my birthday so I'm all alone today. But the question is still of you would be mad about the handjob