Wanting to get pregnant

Me and my boyfriend are in a committed relationship and have promised our selves to one another. We've been talking about having a family one day. I'm ready. A couple years ago I was pregnant and had a miscarriage so pregnancy is a touchy conversation for me. He knows about it. One moment he'll say he's ready and t's the next he doesn't want to. I don't mind waiting at all. I just wish he'd make up his mind. When we have sex he makes comments about cumming in me or not using a condom. We have both agreed that it feels better without the condom. Anyways, I'm ready to have a baby and k think he is too but he's having s hard time copping with it. He's 17 and is t necessarily ready to get a job but he's wanting to get a job. We have a house and car. Other than all of the baby stuff and a job, we are set and  ready to have a baby. What do I do?