Does anybody (besides me) whos never had any problems during their pregnancies & never had a mc always check their panties & when they wipe after peeing for blood? I'm currently pregnant with baby #3 both pregnancies were smooth great deliverys & never even had a spot of blood during any of them but I'm terrified everytime I go pee that when I wipe there's gonna be blood everywhere or when I go to the bathroom & pull my pants down I always think I'm gonna have blood in my panties as well!!! Is anybody else going through this horrible paranoia??? I've had a best friend that's had 3 mc & another best friend that lost her baby at 20 weeks & actually had to be induced to go into labor to deliver her baby that they knew wasn't gonna make it! So I've got horror stories all around me!!! But I've been like this since my first pregnancy & that was way before any of my friends had their horrible misshaps!! 0whats my problem????? TIA

(sorry for the long book I just really need some advice)