Not good enough?

It seems like about every 3 months, my husband brings up that it seems like I never "want" him in bed. It's like three months on the button. And unfortunately today was the three months. So after pestering him about what is wrong for 5 minutes, he finally tells me. I apparently never want him sexually in bed. Him always bringing this up really makes me feel like I'm not good enough for him anymore. I happen to be the one of us that works, I pay all the bills, take care of our two year old and I'm 6 weeks pregnant. He is ALWAYS on me about when will we have more money, I'm upset you made me move my tattoo session (he scheduled it on the same day rent is due) and how I always have a migraine( I have chronic migraines) and I do admit, at the end of a very long day or work, taking care of our house and child, I'm not in the mood to have sex. All the stress of our lives are piled on me. Its like every day, it's something new, I did this wrong, or I should get upset because of that, ect. It's starting to wear me down and making me feel like I am no longer good enough. Am I over reacting? Or just prego hormones? We're currently not speaking because of how upset I am..