Am I a waste?

In grade 10, I started dating a guy, he made me happy in so many ways. We dated for a year, but I found out at the end he cheated on me several times. I loved him more than anything, I still do, which shows how much I loved him. We never truly separated. I still talked to him after we split, mostly angry conversations it turned into. But occasionally I would feel the way I did when we were dating. Loved, adored and appreciated. He started to fall for someoeelse and I was upset. I did something stupid, and slept with. Guy who was not even close to my soul mate. He used me and left. (This was 5 months after we broke up). I told him about it. He told me I'm a whore and a waste of space. I'm just like every other girl in our town. He threatens to tell my mom thy we continued to talk and stuff after we broke up, and send people pictures of me. He says I'm fat, and I've changed. I can't help feel like no one is going to love me because of the two people I have been with. And Iam "dirty" or damaged goods now. I cry every day. No one knows. I want to be as happy with a guy as my best friend is with her bf. I don't feel like I deserve it. I wish I was someone else.