Am I right or wrong?

Sedaya • My name is Sedaya and I'm 23. My husband and I have been together since 2009 and got married April 2015. We have a four year old daughter and had our second daughter 4-16-16 :)
Ok so my husband has also been the jealous type. We have been together for six years. I have lost so many friendship because of his jealousy. Only 3 years ago was he ok with me hanging out with my two GIRL best friends. Fast forward to now. He says to me I'm going to start hanging out with my friends. So I assume he means his guy friends from his tech school that he has hung out with in the past. Oh no he wants to start hanging out with girls he knew in elementary. I'm fuming mad. I think it's totally inappropriate for a married man to be going to girls houses with our daughter and having play dates. One girl he has talked about before and I know her so I wasn't super upset but now it's another girl I've never heard about. Never has he given me reason to not trust him and these girls are definitely not his type but I just don't think it's ok. We got in a huge fight today. Am I the crazy one? What would you do?