When is the best time to test?? Getting impatient!!!! 😞😔 Need advice, please!

Hailey • i have a year old son, who is my whole world! Im currently trying to get pregnant. I would love to give my son, a little brother or sister!☺
I've taken 2 HPT and got a faint line on one at 10 DPO and a negative on a cheapie at 11 DPo. AF is due today but no sign of her yet.... Getting really impatient!! I wanna give up but I wanted to ask you ladies first. When would be the absolute best time to test?? And I wanna know the absolute best test to buy?? I used clear blue with my first and it picked up great! I didn't get a positive result with my first child till 2 weeks after my missed period.... So just wondering if it'll be like that again or not. I know everyone is different. Just getting really impatient!!!! Ugh! 😔😭 Please help!!!! Really need some advice!