Boyfreind issue

Ok this isn't about sex or anything I am just looking for advice. My boyfreind and I have been together for three years, we are young and we're both each other's first love. Just the other night we were talking and I have an obsession with Christmas as it gives me the warm and fuzzies and he knows that as I already have my tree up in my apartment. He does not get into Christmas as much as I do and he says that he just tolerates my craziness for it. So we were talking about getting married as well and he said that if I want to put the tree up early in our house I have to do it myself as well as take it down myself. I said what if I'm like 8 and a half months pregnant when it's time to take the tree down and he said well you were 7 months pregnant when it went up so you can take it down at 8 and a half. That hurt me a little bit and I told him that but he just brushed it off like usual. I was just wondering is that a red flag? Is this a really bad thing?