Ranting omg

Just so people will stop telling me i shouldnt give sierra baby cereal I give my daughter rice cereal at 2 and a half month old because she doesn't get full she would eat 13 oz 2 times a day and about 8 oz the rest of the time I'm not about to starve my daughter so I give a little bit of rice at night time and morning time so she will stay full during the day and night, the only reasons the doctors tell you not too give the baby cereal is because they don't want them fat well I don't care if my daughter is fat or whatever she's almost 3 months and almost weighs 13 pds if she's getting full and not starving I will give it too her... My fiance and his sisters and brothers are perfectly fine when there grandmother fed them it at a month old,so they ain't dead and my daughter likes the rice cereal and she shits normally actually she poops more now then she ever has since she been born!if I'm a bad mom for giving it too her so she stays full then oh noooo shame on me