Could I be pregnant??? Advice needed

My husband and I decided to try for a baby on the day, according to this app, said I had the highest chance of getting pregnant. I started feeling "funny" just a couple days later and slight nausea about 5-6 days later that I still have. My nipples are also pretty sore. My period is due this Friday 11/20/15 but we were too anxious to wait until then so I took a ClearBlue Advanced Digital Pregnancy Test this morning (first morning pee) and it said Not Pregnant. We were both very disappointed and I felt a little silly for possibly making up these symptoms in my head..but I can't help but think they are real symptoms and I really am pregnant! I know false negatives happen all the time (especially when testing early) so do you think I could be pregnant?? I want to take another test (first response next time because they're apparently more reliable and sensitive) before Friday :)