Are you a proponent for young marriage? Why or why not?

Ellie • Saved by grace. Married to the love of my life. Mama to 2 boys.
I have always found it interesting how young people would marry long ago - in Biblical times as young as early teens.  I have always thought that years and years ago, marriage was taken more seriously and considered a permanent commmitment no matter what. I also think that teens were considered adults then and had more responsibility, therefore they matured more quickly.
I have always been a proponent for young marriage, if the couple desires it and understand the seriousness of it.  I have never understood cultures messages to live it up or travel, etc before marriage.  Why wouldn't you want to do all of those things with your most beloved spouse?
Just my thoughts - I'm thrilled that I was given the chance to marry young. I don't necessarily think it's for everyone though. Curious about your thoughts!