Ectopic methotrexate and d and c advice needed please

Ashley β€’ I`m 26 I had lost my baby to an ectopic pregnancy in September 2015 😒 can't wait for our rainbow baby ☺
I had the paragard iud removed in may after having it for 6 years because my fiance and I decided we were ready to ttc πŸ˜€ I had became worried when I read a lot online about people taking a lot longer to become pregnant after the iud removed. But I ended up becoming pregnant in October. We were so happy I literally took 6 test. 😊😊😊 but it was short lived. My hcg levels only went from 900 to 1100 over two days. I still had hope that everything would b ok. U till they did an ultrasound and they found out that the baby was ectopic. It was only 1 in from being in my uterus and being a viable pregnancy. I took it very bad. I still am. I got the methotrexate shot on 10/26 my numbers were 1100 3 days later to 700 then 4 days later to 400 then last week 200 now 85 today😁 I m so happy I'm almost done getting blood work done it's just a constant reminder. I cry almost every time. Well I asked my doctor if maybe having the iud could have caused this to happen and he had said maybe because u they can cause buildup. He has said if I would like I can have a d and c done. Is it harder to get pregnant after d and c? how long do to have to wait to try to conceive after? And does anyone know how long after ur numbers are at 0 before u get ur period back. Ik weird I can't wait to have my period again never thought that would happe lol. And has anyone got pregnant after the methotrexate shot? How long did u wait to ttc again?