In love

Nicole • 27 ❤️ Milwaukee born and raised 🐄🧀🍻
So my boyfriend and I have been together for 4 months and things went super fast but only because everything felt so right. We both wanted to say "I love you" right away but we waited till very recently. I still have my own place but I only go there like once a week to do laundry and pick stuff up/drop stuff off. We already act like an old married couple. Completely comfortable with each other in every way. Did anyone else go this fast and have everything just be right from the beginning?? We've faught and such like other couples but it never lasts long. And lately I find myself dreaming and day dreaming about what our life is going to be in the future. I've gone through infatuation with other guys and it always seemed like a fantasy. With him it feels so realistic.... I just hope I'm not jumping the gun. Other people have gone fast though because "when you know you know" as the saying goes. Anyone else feel the same way??