Intimacy issues

Rachel • Boy mom to Ellis Owen 06/2016 & Isaac Erso 02/2020
I've always struggled to keep up with my husband's libido, but sex has been pretty much out of the question for me since I've gotten pregnant. We tried around 5 weeks and the uterine contractions were so uncomfortable we had to stop. I've been pretty sick and exhausted, also a little afraid to try again (at 9w5d now...) bc of the pain, and my hubs is getting really frustrated. Most of the time he's sweet and understanding, tries to be selfless... but about once or twice a week he blows up at me over stupid things, and sometimes just flat out says he's sexually frustrated. I've tried pleasing him/ being intimate in other ways, but he doesn't appreciate it as much as the real thing I guess... I've explained to him how I feel and that "it's not you it's me." Most nights he won't come to bed till late, we talk but he's still distant. It's really depressing me... I feel really lonely and don't know what to do. I know I'm not the only one who's going through or been through this. Any suggestions?