Help!!!(long question:( )

Jodie Ceira
My little brother is turning twelve on wednesday. My dad is celebrating it on saturday after my sister gets off (2:30) but my boyfriend works at 4:30 and if i went i wouldn't be able to give a ride(we are a one car family atm and its my car) and its in a different town (30 minutes there hour and a half waiting and eating and 30 minutes back) he refuses to compromise with me on either getting a ride, walking, asking his manager to take two hours off his shift(he covered two hours yesterday for someone) or just work today and ask for saturday off. He isnt losing hours he's technically almost over time right now but he refuses to give me one day where as i give him everyday. So my question is what do i do? Make him fend for himself and brace for an argument, or take him to work and not get to celebrate my brothers birthday?? Thank you for the help!!