Has anyone ever had this happen?

Sorry long story

It took 4 years for me and my partner to concieve, in this time my brother and his wife had a little boy and i was happy for them and tried to stay involvled but we do not live close.

Before this pregnancy i did concieve but unfortunately misscarried my brother found out through my mum and didnt ring to see how i was. I am now 6 months pregnant and i told my mum and brother he didnt even say congrats or anything my mum is happy for me.

Then 5 months into my pregnancy i find out my brother and sister in law are expecting but i found out through facebook he did not ring to let me know so i sent him a message asking him are u ok? no reply then i asked have i done somthing wrong. No reply and he has been ignoring me since and is now ingnoring our mum i just dont understand why? It is upsetting to know my twin brother is purposely ingnoring us i know sounds stupid i just cannot get my head around the situation. We used to be close.

Do u think i should keep trying? i have been upset multiple times about the sistuation i dont know what to do.

Any advice would be appreciated thank you for reading.