Name theft? Need opinions, please!

This may be non-controversial, but I have found baby-naming tends to be a somewhat sensitive thing for women, ie: Charlotte and her babyname-stealing "friend" on Sex and the City??? My sister in law has stopped speaking to her childhood friend over her babyname being stolen. I want to make sure I'm not about to commit babyname thievery.

So. I was speaking with a relative the other day; she has a 10-yr old boy and 7-yr old girl, I am on my 1st pregnancy. My husband and I have decided not to disclose the name of our son to anyone until after he is born, but the subject came up. She mentioned if they had another son they will name him Julian, the name, of course, we intend to use. As far as I know, she's not pregnant. She's older too, like 38, maybe towards the end of her baby-making years? (Fingers crossed). Am I stealing her baby name if we move forward with it?