Can I kill my boyfriend?

So here I am at school today exhausted. Why you ask well that would be because
My drunk asshole of a boyfriend kept me up half the night which also caused me anxiety. He freaks when he can't find some cigar I guess he hid from himself and then start asking if I took it. 😒 didn't even know it was there. He has been known to do stupid things when drinking like drive so  I go and grab his keys just to be safe. I don't know probably because I care but no he has a fit and says that I am taking away his freedom! Then he asks me to drive him to the store I tell him to walk I am not helping him kill himself with his nasty habits. What the hell!!! Are you freaking kidding me. So he goes to find my keys all in my purse while I sleep but I hid both sets and he just would not leave and cause a huge argument
Between us and it was just all bad. He is fine when not drinking but when he does it is the worst! I just
Don't know what to do nothing will get through his head that he is wrong. Now I'm angry and tired and have a huge test today and I just want to beat some sense into him. Not
That it will help any. Anybody know how to get through an idiot boyfriends head?? It's not ok for him to do this now let alone when the baby comes. I'm only 13 weeks but what if I go into labor later on and guess what he can't help because he is being an immature buthole and drinking. I just want to know he has slowed down on the drink and only does it maybe every 2 weeks but I hat e even that because he won't just have one or two to chill he gets wasted. 😞