Is it wrong???

First off in no way do I not love my so but here's the thing. He's a preacher and works in the field of helping children age as young as age 6 to as old as 17 who come from bad neighborhoods. Like drug and alcohol families street fights gun fights those kind of neighborhoods. Well when we first got together I was the virgin of the two of us, never had penatration sex. He had, not a big deal not at all, well I went to one of his group meetings with the kids one time because he asked me to speak to the girls on birth control safe ways to get it, smoking, just connect with them on a level. Well one of them asked about my sex life and I told them I was a virgin. Long story short my boyfriend and I have had sex, now and he's still going to speak to these children my only though and hoping I'm not the only one isn't it a little hypocritical to say not to have sex and then two hours later be having sex yourself? Not that I'm dissing our choices it just got me thinking.