I saw a photo on the selfie drop chat thing, of a girls body. She had scribbled out her face. The photo was obviously a nude, but it was taken in a mirror, so the girl had scribbled over the 'private' areas so that no one could see. She said on the post that she had been bullied for being fat and that she was trying to become more body confident. Then some girl commented saying that her photo was of her 'naked' and basically insulted her! I commented, backing up the original post saying that she'd respectfully scribbled out everything one wouldn't wish to see, in order to keep it fit for people to see, and then told the girl that I thought she was great for having the confidence to post it etc. I've just noticed that she'd commented back saying that all she was doing was showing that really she isn't fat and that she was trying to get over all the insults she'd had over the years. She went on to say how this other girls comment had knocked her confidence. She has since taken the photo down. I was shocked and appalled as this other girls comments on a post that was clearly about trying to he happy and confident. Unfortunately, the original post was made anonymously so I can't speak to the girl and tell her how brave I think she was! I say good on her! And if you're reading this, you're beautiful, don't let anyone bring you down!