Hello fellow Glowers

My name is Leah. This is my first post. I am currently on cycle number 4 ttc baby #1 after 2 miscarriages. After 2nd miscarriage I was diagnosed with MTHFR, endometriosis, and a septate uterus. I had surgery in June to ablate the endometriosis and correct the septum in my uterus. I also have hypothyroidism. Since our 1st pregnancy and miscarriage a yr and 1/2 ago, there has been 20+ babies conceived/born by friends and family around me. It has been so frustrating and I am reaching my breaking point. 8 don't like to be a whiner or cryer bc I know it doesn't solve anything. I'm very much in need of support and encouragement. I do not truly believe success with conceiving and carrying to term is in my future. I feel like I've had years of "infertility" misfortune all thrown on me in 1 yr. I know that there have been worse issues that others have had to go through, but mine are definitely way in down on me. Praying for peace and success.