I'm pregnant and afraid of telling people!

I have been discriminated against in the past. I'm multiracial. I don't know if its because I am shy or because I look young! Maybe lost like I don't know what I'm doing. But recently I see people staring I'm 6months pregnant. I'm 22years old. Ugh how do I interact. I feel so lost. I'm a new mom, I went to the doctor one mom turned her baby to face away from me. I was kind of offended lol I wanted to know what a newborn looks like and what I should do. Another mom her newborn was crying so she started breast feeding. I keep my eyes down. What do I do when a mom is breast feeding I don't want to smile and they think I'm a perverted lol I thought breast feeding is natural I'm just a very shy person but I want to learn so much. How do I approach people with babies. I've seen older people go and without parents permission just play with the baby laugh and grab hands or ask to hold her/him. How do I not be weird lol I want to learn everything before the baby is here especially how to act in public. What does it take being a new mom. I'm scared and new at everything.